Wellsville Ohio
I visited this hell hole the other day. Itís pathetic. Itís like everyone there, walks funny, like they are mutants.
The town is like something off a horror movie. ZOMBIES!
Most of the men look feminine. The women look dirty.
Iíve never seen so many people that look like rejects.
Iíve always thought it took a lot of blacks to make a town pathetic, but thatís not true. Wellsville Ohio is a good exception. Blacks would raise the IQ of tis pathetic hell-town.
Itís a town of drunks it seems.
The town is so dead. I watched as those who come in to buy pizza, would stop and stare at stuff in the junk store nextdoor. They would stare at anything, even a rock, because the place is so boring, and lacking stimulation.
Itís HELL HOLE USA and makes Steubenville Ohio look like a Gem.