How about that, the commisioners want to buy a building, from.. Ibelieve another elected official who owns the property in the county? Am I correct?

And of course they will make tons of $ renting it out

and fo course, it s a steal at 700K, so cheap, everyone in the world wants it, LOL

Probably in a few years they will have Steve tearing it down.

Same old same old games in jeff county

Buy it, build it, then declare an a fire sale and hand it out to anyone , well, not anyone, uusally a friend, for free.

Havent heard much more about that Emerling medai controversy

Heard that the kwik king folks have a the county tied up with some interesting paperwork over the building we are going to build for them. Tax the little folks, and give handouts to the bigshots..

And im sure as with every other project,,,,,,,, it will create 100's of JOBS. YAWN
same old same old.................. haha

Now for intermission.. and when we come back, we'll tell you how we can't afford this or that, and need MO TAXES!