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Thread: Vote No - Toronto School Levy in November

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    Default Vote No - Toronto School Levy in November

    Vote NO - Toronto School Levy

    Well, the taxpayers in Belmont County have spoken.

    No to Buckeye Local School Levy; No to Shadyside School Levy.

    Now lets see if Toronto Voters have any sense come November. Vote NO!

    The leaders of these schools average salaries are $90,000 - $110.000 per year.

    Do you know anybody that makes that kind of money besides school officials.

    If they get their levy passed, they will make even more!

    Of course, they will advertize, IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN & SALARIES WILL NOT BE PART OF IT. That is a lie!

    The Ohio Valley is one of the poorest areas in the United States. Homeowners here have watched their property values go down, while everything else continues to go up (Gas, Food, Interest Rates, & Everything Else).

    The highly paid/under-worked school officials try to shame taxpayers into voting for more taxes by advertizing IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN. They even put pictures of little childen on TV, in the newspaper, and on the flyers.
    They let the kids out of school to stand on the streets and go door-to-door to persuade people.
    Their plan is, Who could say No to a cute little child?
    Keep the kids in schhol. Do your job and teach them something!

    Now that Buckeye and Shadyside have been defeated, watch them put it back on the November ballot.

    VOTE TILL YOU GET IT RIGHT, or UNTIL WE GET OUR WAY is their thinking!

    Taxpayers - Send these well-to-do school officials a message - NO MORE TAXES!

    Say No To Toronto School Levy

    Buckeye Local & Bellaire School Levies were defeated.

    Shadyside & Bridgeport passed by a slim margin.

    I guess those people want to pay more taxes from their unemployment checks.

    All the districts sent the children out on the streets to convince people to vote yes.

    Now, let all the districts publish the salaries of their employees. You will be surprised.

    I don't agree with the other post of $90,000.00 to $110,000.00. Some of them make even more than that. Reply With Quote

    Vote No for Toronto School Levy

    Now Harrison Hills is on the news.
    They are crying because they do not have enough students to keep all their elementary buildings open

    When will the state of Ohio realize that all these little school districts can not continue to exist, paying $100,000.00 salaries to superintendents, $75,000.00 - $80,000.00 to several principals.

    Wake up Governor Strickland, we need to combine these tiny schools into county schools.
    The children will have the best of everything, buildings, books, computers, and everything!

    Go anywhere in the state, except the Ohio Valley and look at the modern, well-equipped buildings with the latest tools available to the students.

    Remember people, our kids will compete for college, scholarships, and jobs with students coming from these better schools.

    If we continue to believe what the school officials are telling us, our students will be the ones to pay the ultimate price!
    Their future will not be as bright as students from good schools!

    FOR THE CHILDREN is the line the school officials will use to shame the taxpayers into voting for more taxes over the next 30-40 years.

    They should tell the truth, FOR THEIR POCKETBOOK!

    The Buckeye Local superintendent was quoted as saying, BEFORE THE ELECTION, that if the levies were defeated, they would not be building any new schools, and the state's share of the money would be lost to another district. He also said the levy will not be on the ballot again.

    Now, AFTER THE ELECTION, Buckeye Local's superintendent says, in today's Herald Star, quote, "The building plans will be put on hold".

    Sounds like he lied to the taxpayers!

    And, watch and see, he will put the levies back on the ballot in November.

    Vote until you vote the way we want you to! Wow, is the the American way!

    Toronto taxpayers have accepted the fact that our enrollment is very low, and we can't offer our kids a quality education.

    We want the best for our kids, not the most money for the school employees! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    Well it passed

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    Arnt we all better off? now ya got something to complane about.

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