We hope to develop this section of the message board into an area where we can help one another.

We want to use this area to sometime think "outside" the box to help others. Many telethons on TV and charities concentrate on $$$$. Although money can be great, there are many other ways to help neighbors and the community. Recently many people have been out of power. Maybe a list of people who would consider letting others use their generators when their power is out in another area of the community, and theirs is on could help others, and keep their water lines from freezing. Maybe there are people here who have equipment that could be used to pump water out of basements when floods occur. Or maybe this area could be used for those who need some money, or part time work, could post here to ask others who may have a few extra $'s if they would need their grass mowed, or other type of work done. Maybe you need help for a loved one who is sick? WE look forward to your input in this section, since we think it could be one of the most important sections on this website if you wish it to be. Remember, there are a lot more things people need, and can offer than cash... and we don't want to be another "handout" cash service. We look for your input, and we hope we can develop a group of ohio valley soldiers who want to help one another! IF you can think of a way to help others, we want your input on here! Remember, there are lots of ways people can help one another withot it being cash related, or publicizing it!